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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

Hospitals and clinics

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBFT) in Reading is the local hospital for patients requiring in-patient and specialist out-patient care across Berkshire West.

The Trust aims to provide comprehensive care for all adults with diabetes who have been referred to them. Patients with Type 1 diabetes may be seen in hospital clinics. The majority of patients with Type 2 diabetes are looked after by their GPs but if your doctor is concerned about your diabetes then he/she may refer you to the diabetes clinic at the Royal Berkshire.


At the clinic you will have regular reviews where you are monitored for good control of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

There is a clinic run for young adults with diabetes (16-25 year olds). In addition to doctors in clinic, diabetes specialist nurses and a dietician are available to help you control your diabetes and improve your health.

This Diabetes in Pregnancy clinic, which is held in maternity outpatients, is run jointly with a consultant obstetrician (a doctor who specialises in pregnancy) and a diabetes specialist midwife. All women with diabetes should be seen in this clinic as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. All women planning pregnancy should discuss this with their doctor as tight diabetes control at the time of conception minimises the risk to mother and baby.

The diabetic foot clinic is run from the podiatry department. It is a specialised clinic for the treatment of foot problems arising in people with diabetes.

The insulin pump clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic involving a doctor, diabetes specialist nurse, dietician and clinical psychologist who look after patients with type 1 diabetes who are being treated with an insulin pump.

“Outreach” clinics from the hospital are currently run in the community at Pangbourne, Milman Road and Woodley surgeries.  However, these are likely to be moved to: Newbury Hospital, Reading Walk-In centre, Melrose House and Wokingham Hospital in 2013, as it should be easier for patients to travel to these sites. Also, patients would also be able to have blood tests and X-rays performed at the same time if required; so saving them several different appointments.

Your doctor or nurse will be able to keep you up to date with these changes.

The team of specialist diabetic doctors and nurses working within Melrose House look after diabetic patients who have been referred by their GP for specialist care.

Information about clinics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital can be found here.

The RBFT website has further information for patients. There are a large number of patient leaflets that can be found here - scroll down the list!


The Information Zone, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading RG1 5AN –is a one stop shop for health information for patients, relatives, carers and hospital visitors, open 10am to 4pm weekdays. Enquiries also by phone (0118 322 6818) and by e-mail