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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

Virtual diabetes clinics

Virtual diabetes clinics (VDCs) - what they are and how to book them

Dr Ian Gallen, Consultant community diabetes specialist writes:

What VDCs are and how the referral system works

The clinical support which I will be providing will be to hold virtual diabetes clinics (VDCs) and virtual consultations. In the VDCs, I visit practices (by invitation) and review patients which the practice team have identified as having a problem with glycaemic control or other diabetes related issues, and are seeking further advice. The initial clinics have been enjoyable, productive and educational. I see these as being the core of the service. Please contact me to request a VDC visit.

VDC request

Virtual consultation: If you need an email consultation, please email me at:

Mobile hotline for immediate advice: 07717867448