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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

Inserting templates into EMIS/Vision

Instructions for inserting templates into EMIS-web and InPS Vision


for Vision practices the form needs to be saved in P:\Wordproc\TEMPLATE where P:\ is the 'DATA' drive.

To upload the EMIS web version the form needs to be saved to the desktop in a rich text format version (rtf). The emis web button top left of vision is clicked and hovered over 'configuration'. Select the 'template manager' and click. The new sceen that opens up is the folder system, click on the tab 'document templates' and click on the common folder the GP system has assigned for these documents normally 'referrals' or something similar (same place other forms are stored). The user then click the add button (big green circle with plus sign top left again) and select doument template. Clicks and saves the form from the desktop where previously stored. Should be ready to be run but has a test function