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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

CarbAware for Type 1 diabetes

Short 3-hour carbohydrate awareness courses for people with Type 1 diabetes

This course is to improve glucose control. It is a short structured 3-h group teaching delivered by a DAFNE trained dietician. The curriculum covers different aspects of diabetes: food recommendations, self-monitoring of BG techniques, insulin profiles, and appropriate management of hypo- and hyperglycaemia in general and in relation to stress, infections, menstrual periods, alcohol intake, and exercise. Emphasis is put on empowering patients to make rational day-to-day insulin dosage adjustment. People with T1DM are taught principles of a healthful diabetes diet, how to estimate the carbohydrate content of foods, and how to calculate insulin-CHO-ratios and insulin sensitivity factors using recognised formulas Patients are shown how to use the bolus calculator function on a function enabled blood glucose testing meeting (Aviva Expert, Roche) and provided with this meter. Carbohydrate counting education is by both theory and practical exercises.  Patients are asked to do a minimum of 4 blood glucose tests per day to ideally do a blood glucose test before every meal.


The courses started February 2014, we provided 50 courses during 2014 for 210 people, and plan for capacity of 400 in 2015. Average HbA1c reduction is 11mmol/mol. Self assessed confidence in all aspects of carbohydrate assessment increased following the course, as did intention to increase monitoring. There is a very high level of satisfaction with the content, method and timing of the course. There was an initial high non-attendance rate >50%, but this has now fallen to <20%.


The courses are usually on Friday morning or afternoon at Melrose House, but we can have in your practice if you can get 2 groups of 6-8 people together. Booking is via choose and book, or via e mail